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German Railways have interested me for a long time. I've always thought that the Deutsche Reichsbahn (DR) in East Germany (DDR) offered the most interest to a model maker. The combination of very early and very late locos in use together offered plenty of variety. And not everything is available out of the box, so there's plenty of kit building, conversions and detailing required, which has all helped to keep my interest.

Starting with projects that are best described as being 'the story so far', which are presented as photo surveys. In the future we'll get in more details during construction. Some of the pictures are 'clickable' now. The rest (and more!) will be...

BR03 (Einheitslok),

03 001

Modified Fleischmann BR03
The first of the models to be shown as construction progresses. A model of 03 001 as she was just before being withdrawn.

BR18.2 (Reko),

02 0201-0 auxiliary tender

Auxiliary tender for the Roco 18 201
Auxiliary tender for Roco's model of 18 201.

BR19 (Sachsen XX H V),

19 017

Model Loco kit of the BR19
Ex-Sachsen 19 017 built from a Model Loco kit.

BR38.2 (Sachsen XII H 2),

38 205

Piko and scratchbuilt BR38.2
This model of 38 205 uses a mixture of parts. Some come from the Piko BR38.2 model, though most of it is scratchbuilt.

BR38.10 (Preußen P8),

38 1182, 38 2471-1, 38 2929, 38 3860-4

\weinert BR38 P8 chassis under construction
These models are of different versions of the famous (infamous?) KPEV P8. All are built from Weinert kits with details changed or added to match the prototypes.

BR50 (Einheitslok),

50 3044-0

Detailed Roco BR50
A Roco model originally detailed to 50 2146-4 and then modified to portray 50 3044-0. The explanation is on these two pages...

BR52 (Kriegslok),

52 5885-0

BR52 Kriegslok from Roco and Liliput parts
An model of an unusual variant of the BR52 (Kriegslok) family built from Roco and Liliput parts. Incidentally this page also gives some pointers on how to overcome the worst excesses of the stock Liliput model.

BR62 (Einheitslok),

62 015

Detailed Liliput BR62
A set of pictures of my model of 62 015. Detailed Liliput/Bachmann.

BR74.10 (Preußen T12),

74 1230

Detailed Roco BR74
This model of 74 1230 started out as Roco. Now in need of an update it would appear. And the wheels are awful...

BR80 (Einheitslok),

80 002

Modified Roco BR80
This is Dave's handiwork. A Roco BR80 with loads of Weinert details and wheels turned to RP25 standards. I've finally managed to persuade Dave to write a few paragraphs on it for us - it's a splendid piece of work as you can see.

BR103 (V36/WR 360 C14) Wehrmachtslok,

103 022-0

103 022-0
A build of Weinert's 'beginners kit' for the V36. I've used it as an example to discuss the basic principles that I use for kit building so it may encourage you to have a go. And this kit is a very good place to start for a whole host of reasons... On the other hand at 5 pages it may just bore you to tears. :-)

BR106.2 (V60.12/Neubau V-lok),

106 257-9

Modified Piko BR106 V60
Dave has rebuilt this pre-'89 Piko BR106 to include a new motor, RP25 wheels, DCC and a general detail job. Pretty neat huh?

BR212 (Neubau E-lok),

212 001-2

Re-engineered Märklin BR212
Marklin's limited edition model of the 'White Lady'. New, Roco, pantographs and etched 'plates have been fitted to detail an already fine model. Most of the changes are internal - a new coreless motor courtesy of an SB Modellbau upgrade kit and DCC using a home-made socket unit...


DR Service vehicles

Weinert coaling crane
Cranes, snowploughs, water carriers, oil tanks, riding cars, etc, etc. Well all in good time!

Origin or real life as it exists / who does what:
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