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BR 80 Einheitslok

80 002

This is my first exercise in seriously detailing a European ready-to-run locomotive following years of detailing American, SP naturally, diesels and steam locomotives. Initially the locomotive was to be finished in DB livery but after much cajoling, egging on and encouragement it ended up in DR (DDR) era III/IV condition to compliment Stephís ever burgeoning East German steam collection.

Front 3/4 view of the detailed Roco BR80 Rear 3/4 view of the detailed Roco BR80
The Roco model was unceremoniously stripped of itís moulded fittings and buffer beams, all to be replaced by the excellent Weinert detailing parts. Additions like the sun shades and hopper bunker were scratchbuilt either from plasticard or scrap brass. A Zimo MX61 decoder was fitted together with the ubiquitous home made power pack to assist slow speed operation.

Front 3/4 view of the BR80 model, with smoke effects Detailed Roco BR80 in its environment Detailed Roco BR80 in its environment
The locomotive body was painted engine black (Polly Scale), decals added (Weinert), sprayed with Testors Dullcote and weathered using artists acrylic watercolours. The VS Modellbau etched number plates, Merten loco crew and Kadee couplers were added to complete the model. Thatís what I thought until the picture was jarred by those NEM profile wheels. These were removed, turned to RP25 profile and refitted. This has improved the appearance no end. Nothing is easy.

Overall view of the new motor, flywheel and DCC fittings to the Roco BR80 chassis
Since the model was finished it has received a new Mashima motor and flywheel. The Zimo decoder has been replaced with a Lenz 'Gold mini' and Power 1.

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