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Just a quick reminder of where we are and how to contact us!

Unfortunately our web presence is now making it very difficult for us to control the amount of spam emails we're receiving (currently around 50-100 a day) so we've recently had to change the way we're presenting our contact information. In any of the email addresses below you'll have to manually change the "_(at)_" for the usual "@" symbol in order to send emails to us.

I've also changed the filters on our email, this now means that only emails with the word 'euram' in the title somewhere can guarantee to get through to us; so please make sure you add 'euram' into the subject line.

You should get a reply to any email you send to us; so if you don't get one back within a couple of weeks then please have another look at the previous paragraphs and try again!

Many thanks...!

Steph (Webmaster/Editor/Postmaster)

Steph Dale

Webmaster, editor and chief proponent (component?) of this website. I live in Bristol, UK. You can contact me through steph.dale (at) My pen profile is here

David Illingworth

Chief sidekick to the above, Dave lives near Keighley, West Yorkshire, UK. He can be contacted through david.illingworth (at) Dave has done a pen profile here

Chris Marrable

Chris is the current owner of Dave's layout Colton Junction. He lives in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, UK and can be contacted through chris.marrable (at) Chris' pen profile is here

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