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Welcome to the webpages.

This 'site deals with model making in a variety of scales from HO through to 0. We've got a broad range of railway interests and a great deal of experience (making complete idiots of ourselves mostly). You can find more about the contributors to the site in the 'About' pages here. It's pretty dull, but a bit of an ego trip for those concerned. We've deliberately chosen to highlight our more recent work - which for the last two years has mostly been in 0-gauge finescale, modelling the British Railways Southern Region in 1948-52. Before that most of the activity was focussed on the Deutsche Reichsbahn (of the DDR) in the 1970's and the Southern Pacific and Cotton Belt 'roads of the US both in HO. There are also smatterings of railways of other denominations; the latter in HO, OO, P4 and 0...! You'll find articles and 'how to' discussions. I hope the pictures offer some encouragement and maybe even inspiration.

We're finding that the pages relating to DCC are being well received. To support the existing pages we'll be aiming to include more details on the items we're using and how we're using them. And yes, this will include more structured 'review' type pieces.

You can click on the pictures to move on. You may find a few link to a page that says 'Under Construction', but we're working on it - thankfully there aren't very many 'holes' left to fill now. As they seem to say on many 'sites; "check back often". Or not. ;-)

We hope you enjoy your visit!
Steph (Webmaster/Editor of this utter shambles)

p.s. The site content was last updated on 22 May 2011. You can check the 'News' page to see what we did (and what we're going to do)!

Layouts Pages

A view of one of our layouts
Not a bad place to start. The layouts we've built or are building. Some are even available for exhibition! You can see where we're out and about on the diary page.

Loco and Rolling Stock Pages

DR BR38.2 in HO scale
If anything here could be termed 'useful' or 'interesting' these pages are it; Deutsche Reichsbahn, Southern Pacific and a catchment that's steadily widening to include much more. From British Railways in a variety of scales through to the bizarre and esoteric. The 0 gauge section has made an appearance, you can expect it t5o grow rapidly from here. The Canadian stuff is starting to come along nicely too!

Digital Command Control - DCC

ÖBB 2067 in HO scale
A bit radical this. We've put all the DCC stuff in one place so you can find it easily if you want to - and can ignore it completely if you don't. As you'd expect we're pretty even-handed in our approach.

Tips and Tricks Pages

Kadee coupler fitting
The workbench pages; a few pages to cover cover tips and tricks. Things we've found out, found useful or keep being asked about. And just because you've seen it here doesn't mean that you shouldn't ask us again. It makes us feel important. By the way this is where the Kadee stuff is.

Data and Downloads

A few bits and pieces here, we've got a few ideas, but at the moment it's a small collection of DCC application updates and some (translated) copies of instuctions...

About Euram-Online

Other stuff: How to contact us, news, sitemap, diary, acknowledgements, links and about the contributors. Well you have been warned...

Origin or real life as it exists / who does what:
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