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East German service stock

By its very nature it's obvious that a layout based on a loco workshop will require (or put up with!) some interesting stock. There's a whole variety of specialist railway vehicles planned; snowploughs, workshop behicles, a crane, test coaches, etc, etc.

There are (thankfully) some very good sources of information on the net on some of the specialist vehicles. These sorts of vehcles are collectively known under the German 'Bahndienstwagen'. I thumped that word as a search term into and came up with the website. Needless to say this became a source of great inspiration.

The DR also had a few locos allocated to service stock. Dave's model of 80 002 actually survived in the 1970s as a service loco at Dresden shed for example...


Ex-KPEV restaurant car as a riding coach

Prussian Restaurant car conversion in HO scale
This is being converted from a Fleischmann sleeping car...

Coaling crane

Beck and Henkel 2.5t

Weinert kit of Beck and Henkel coaling crane
A Weinert DB electric coaling crane back-dated to steam operation.

Origin or real life as it exists / who does what:
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