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European Railway Models

Like many modelmakers both Dave and I occasionally produce models that don't fit comfortably with our main interests. This page covers what might be described as each of our 'secondary' interests. In my case that means Era V Austrian and in Dave's case pre-war German. All these models are in HO.


Weinert BR 81 Einheitslok in DRG condition
Dave's superb BR81, built from the equally stunning Weinert kit.

ÖBB 2048

Roco 2048 with updates
Roco ÖBB 2048 Superdetailed and updated with a new motor, DCC, finer wheels and Kadee couplings.

ÖBB 2067

Lima ÖBB 2067 with scratchbuilt chassis
ÖBB 2067 that was once a Lima model. Though it's gained a scratchbuilt chassis now.

RENFE Transfesa Ferrywagon in HO

Electrotren Transfesa ferrywagon reduced to scale height
The Electrotren Tranfesa Ferrywagon is a nice model, suitable for use in both mainland Europe and in the UK. Unfortunately it's also a bit high to be truly to scale so we look at how to get it even better.

WLB ADtranz (Ex-DR) V100

Brawa ADtranz V100 detailed and re-wheeled
A modern masterpiece from Brawa. Here we start with re-wheeling the model to RP25-88 standards. There will be a follow-up page or two as detailing progresses...

LTE BR185 (Bombardier Traxx F140AC1)

Trix LTE185 detailed
Trix' budget model tweaked to improve it's appearance. A follow-on piece from the discussion/review of its capabilities out of the box the DCC capabilities are reviewed here, this a real case of 'guilding the lily'.

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