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BR 81 Einheitslok

81 003

This locomotive was selected to accompany the locomotives currently operating on my small DRG layout. The running number was chosen as this locomotive was based at Oldenburg situated in Northern Germany. The Weinert kit was purchased as at that time the Fleischmann model was only available in DB livery and I have an almost pathological aversion to traction tyres on shunting locomotives.

Upon opening the box the kit looked good, unlike the kits we used to know, and was built as per the instructions with one or two personal tweaks.

Weinert BR81 kit contents and other material
Although this reveals the nearly completed body it also shows some of the research material, annotated instructions and the other details purchased to complete the model i.e. a Zimo MX62 decoder and a set of Kadee no. 19 couplers. This is my usual starting point for the construction of models whether it is locomotives or rolling stock.

Weinert BR81 chassis frames Weinert BR81 chassis valve gear and fittings Weinert BR81 chassis components ready for assembly
After building, the body and chassis were painted with Phoenix Precision Paints etched primer and left to dry for at least 48 hours. The chassis was painted red (Revell) and the body Engine Black (Polly Scale). Both chassis and body received two coats of paint and were left 48 hours to dry. The decals were added and the locomotive body was then sprayed with Testors Dullcote lacquer.

Weinert BR81 body showing left hand side and removable roof Completed Weinert BR81 body before painting Cab backhead details ready for installing in the loco
Weathering was carried out using, for the first time, enamel paints and thinners. The end result is comparable with my usual weathering utilising artists acrylic watercolour paints. The etched number, shed, builders plates etc. and glazing (all included in the kit by the way) was then added to complete the model.

Underside view of the completed Weinert BR81
Personal tweaks included the building of a decoder holder out of plasticard and mounting this in the firebox and building up a pair of coupling mounts from brass since I dispensed with the NEM sockets provided in the kit. Overall this kit was a joy to build leaving one rather comfortably numb.

High right hand side view of completed Weinert BR81 Left hand broadside view of completed Weinert BR81

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