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ÖBB 2067

A classic 'bits box special' using parts from Lima, Faulhaber, High-Level, Weinert, Alan Gibson, etc.

ÖBB 2067 right hand side
Cleaning the shell up, retouching the paint and replacing all the handrails was very worthwhile.  The 'varnish' is a liquid floor polish!

ÖBB 2067 rear 3/4 view
Not bad, huh? Just needs the windscreen wipers methinks!

ÖBB 2067 chassis broadside view
In analogue mode the diodes are useful to reduce the voltage the motor sees. So slow speed control is much finer. Fitted for DCC (see below) they need to come out though.

ÖBB 2067 chassis left hand side
A shot under the hood. From this angle the lead weight packed into the chassis can be seen.  So too the pickups - nice simple stuff.

ÖBB 2067 chassis with DCC socket
With a scratchbuilt chassis there's no DCC socket to plug into. I knew that the Zimo MX62 was the going to be the decoder for this loco so I had to make the NEM651 socket myself.

ÖBB 2067 chassis showing the DCC decoder installation
The socket uses the standard DCC colour coding which makes installation of the socket a breeze. And you always know which way round the decoder goes (orange wire = pin#1).

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