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Other Railway Models

This section is becoming increasingly random. Especially now that I've moved the European HO scale and British 0-gauge projects to their own areas. So here you'll find the really strange and/or fun stuff...

BR(S) Drummond M7 in P4

Martin Finney M7 in P4
M7 in P4 from the Martin Finney kit. In this case it's had loads of detail added - like a full set of push/pull gear...

BR(E) Robinson J11/3 in 00

Alan Gibson J11/3 in 00
This ex-GCR J11/3 'Pom-pom' has been built from an Alan Gibson kit. It's in 00 and was built for a club layout.

BR(S) Bulleid/English Electric 350bhp diesel shunter (Class 12) in HO

HO scale Bulleid diesel shunter
Dave's been at it again! This lovely little model started off as a Roco NS (Dutch) class 500/600 diesel shunter from Roco. Rebuilt, re-wheeled and re-motored to represent one of the Southern Region's predecessors to the 08 Class. Yes, it's HO...!

RENFE Transfesa Ferrywagon in HO

Electrotren Transfesa ferrywagon reduced to scale height
I'm not really all that sure where to put this model, as it's of interest to modellers of both the British and European scenes in HO. So I've put a link up on this page as well...

Baldwin Mogul in 0n30

On30 Baldwin Mogul
A bit of 'big stuff' for you. Dave's rebuilt this Bachmann On30 mogul to more accurately represent a product of Baldwin locomotive works.

DRGW C16 Consolidation in 0n30

On30 C16
Dave wasn't all that impressed with the On30 Broadway C16 when he finally got it home. This is his detailing job to improve the loco. And yes, the detailing extends 'under the hood' so it runs somewhat better than it did too.

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