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Tips and Tricks

A brief digest of a few of the things we've found out as we went along. As it's starting to become more popular to use Digital Command Control (DCC) I'll explain some of my findings and ideas. The Kadee couplers pages reflect our experiences of fitting this excellent family of couplers to both US and European stock. I'm sure there'll be some other stuff up here in the fullness of time!

Kadees on European stock

Kadee #41 fitted to a Roco HO van
A variety of Kadee couplers on European stock...

Kadee #58s on American stock

Kadee #58 on a WSM P4
...and Kadee #58 'scale' couplers on Southern Pacific stock.

Wheel shortlinks for live-axle pick up (for 00 and HO)

Wheel sets showing completed shortlink conversion for live axle pick up
Making live-axle wheelsets suitable for 'American' style pick-up.

Split axle pick up (for 0)

Slater's wheelset made up with split axle.
Split axles in 0-gauge, mostly aimed at producing low-friction, reliable pick-ups for trailing wheels.

A Few Good Products Part 1.

A few good products
Recommended adhesives, retainers, fillers and cleaners.

A Few Good Products Part 2.

A few good products
Recommendations for paints, finishing aids, varnishes and lubricants.

Origin or real life as it exists / who does what:
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