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Welcome to the euram-online Southern Railway and British Railways(S) webpages

Both Dave and I have long been interested in the Southern Railway and it's a subject that often turns up in conversation. It's therefore no surprise that both of us have odd items of Southern interest in our collection and this page is a convenient way to highlight them and also to welcome you to the Southern related pages on our website.

If you're not familiar with the website you'll find that this page provides links to only a small number of the specialist pages in what's now becoming quite a large 'site; all of which is of railway-modelling interest. You can find the rest of the site from the Contents Page or the Sitemap.

As with the rest of the 'site you'll find that most pictures are 'clickable' and lead either to a further, more detailed webpage or onto a larger picture.

There are regular updates to the site, which are detailed on the News page. So although this section may not get updated frequently the 'site continues to develop.

Thanks for coming - I hope you enjoy your visit!

Steph (Webmaster/Editor of this chaos)

BR(S) Bulleid 350hp Diesel Shunter in HO scale

Bulleid 350hp Diesel Shunter
Dave's work in HO to produce a Bulleid shunter from the excellent Roco Dutch 600 class as motive power for a small British HO layout.

RENFE Transfesa Ferrywagon in HO scale

RENFE TRnasfesa Ferrywagon
Actually a very good model from Electrotren, it's just that it's a bit too tall. We have found a slightly cunning way to get to scale dimensions; perfect for that slightly more modern Southern Region layout.

British Railways (mostly Southern) in 0 scale

LBSCR/SR/BR(S) E4 0-6-2t
We've gone 0-gauge in a big way these last few years. Have a look round these pages to see what we're up to...

USATC S-160 2-8-0 in H0 scale

Another one of Dave's. The excellent DJH/Model Loco kit built up for one of the American USATC locos built for service in Europe. Some certainly worked on the Southern although Dave's model actually portrays one of the locos that stayed in the USA.

And another couple...

LSWR/SR/BR(S) M7 0-4-4t LBSC Marsh Atlantic
Just another couple of pictures to show it's not a fluke! The M7 is mine, in P4 from a Martin Finney kit; the Marsh H2 Atlantic is Dave's in 00 from a Jidenco kit.

Kadee couplers on European stock

Kadee #41 fitted to a Roco HO van
I've been using Kadee couplers for many years with my European stock and here is a guide to fitting these excellent couplers to various items of stock with buffers(!!). If you're having fun fitting Kadees to your British stock you may find something useful on this page.

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