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Digital Command Control - DCC

A brief digest of a few of the things we've found out as we went along. As it's starting to become more popular to use Digital Command Control (DCC) I'll explain some of my findings and ideas.

DCC some user perspectives

Lenz Compact
A brief discussion of why I bought a DCC control system. As you've come to expect, I've attempted to be as even-handed as possible, including a few reasons why you might not want to buy into DCC. This page also includes a small glossary.

The advantages of DCC a not-too-technical justification

Lenz Gold Mini and Power1 in Brawa V15
There are some fairly sound reasons why DCC can offer more than an analogue system might. Here's a short list explaining some of the things that DCC does particularly well.

DCC locomotive decoders (including reviews)

A jumble of DCC decoders
Here's all our information on DCC decoders, how to fit them, our recommendations and some in-depth reviews of a couple of our favourites. There's also a guide to decoder CV programming.

Decoder CV Programming

Our guide to programming CVs using bit setting, what it means and how it works! Useful if you need to adjust the settings for CV29 and other multi-functional CVs.

DCC decoder sockets

Scratchbuilt 6-pin DCC socket installed in a chassis
Fitting DCC decoders can be much easier if they've got a socket to plug into. There is the possibility of using an in-line socket, such as those made by ESU, but equally you could make your own, like these versions of the standard NEM651 and NEM652 sockets.

DCC power packs for Zimo decoders

Capacitor power pack for Zimo decoders fitted to MX64
Zimo MX62, MX63 and MX64 decoders can be used with a home-made power pack to overcome iffy pickup. Here's one we made earlier...


The SPROG DCC programmer
The installation and use of a computer-based DCC decoder programmer.

Trix BR185 Review

The Trix BR185
A review of the DCC (and other) capabilities of this 'budget' Trix model.

Blueline RSD15 Review

The Blueline RSD15
Not just a pretty face; this loco sports a sound system which can be used with after market DCC decoders of your choice. Read on to find out what we thought...

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