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Data and Downloads

This page/section of the website is anticipated to be the 'library' of the 'site. We'll put up various, hopefuly useful, random files as we go. This area could end up quite large as we get going, but for the moment the offerings are modest...

As you can see, each page mirrors a section of the site to make it easy(!!) to find the relevant files...

In general, I suggest you download the files to your computer and virus scan them before opening. It's likely to give you better results than trying to open them in your internet browser.

I hope you find it useful.


Currently empty

Locos and Rolling stock

sb modellbau Faulhaber motor conversion instructions for Marklin BR212/243 Page 1 (.jpg), Page 2 (.jpg), Translated text (.rtf).

Tips and Tricks

Currently empty

Digital Command Control - DCC

Updated decoder definitions for JMRI DecoderPro v1.6.1 incorporating Lenz 'Silver' decoder family (.zip)

Origin or real life as it exists / who does what:
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