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Canadian Models

Another sideline project! Dave mentioned a thought about modelling Canadian National in HO and I thought it was a pretty good idea. So I've bought a few locos to start pulling together some models of Canadian outline.

The thought at the moment is to concentrate on the Canadian National, but we've planned for the odd Canadian Pacific loco, along with those from CN subsidiary Grand Trunk. And the odd neighbouring American road will also be represented with locos from both Milwaukee and SOO roads appearing in the planning.

There's quite a bit of modelling required to accurately portray some of the Canadian-specific models (even when they're based on US-prototypes), so there will be quite a bit of detailing work covered here.

Then there are locos that can't be detailed from American outline models, which means some kits and conversions. All good fun as far as I'm concerned...

Phase III GP9

GR-17z, #4346

Modified Proto 2000 GP18 to GP9 #4346
A work in progress; the modification of a Canadian-liveried GP18 to a lightweight GP9 Phase III. And yes; that does mean a new chassis.

Phase II GP9

GR-17g, #4500

Modified Proto 2000 GP9 to CN GP9 #4500
Dave's building a CN GP9 Phase II from a Proto 2000 loco. A few tweaks and details are required!


GS-12e, #7727

Detailed Proto 2000 SW1200 to CN SW1200 #7727
The second loco Dave's working on for the Canadian project is this SW1200. This loco is based on the Proto 2000 model and like many Canadian National locos the detailing isn't completely straightforward.

F3A (F7Aum)

GFA-17a, #9171

Highliners F-unit bodyshell on an Athearn chassis
The Highliners bodyshell kit is, as far as I'm concerned, the best way of portraying the F-units in HO. Here I give a few quick thoughts on fitting the Athearn chassis to the kit. And then look at the specifics of modelling a CN F7Aum (ex-GT F3A) as running just before retirement.

And there's a great deal more to come...

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