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Model Making Experience

A fair amount; I started as we all appear to by building plastic and balsawood aircraft kits overseen in my early years by either my dad, grandfather or uncle. I later experimented with card as a building medium and one of my early model railway conversions was a 'OO' gauge model of a G&SWR (Glasgow and South Western Railway) Whitelegg baltic tank engine using a Tri-ang Princess Elizabeth body and chassis.

University did not leave me much if not any time for modelling in between lectures, pubs, gigs, parties and football matches. After leaving the easy life I started work, slowly re-commenced modelling and took up the challenge of whitemetal locomotive kit building. My first brass kit being a LB&SCR (London Brighton and South Coast Railway) Marsh atlantic from the infamous Jidenco stable.

My modelling now tends to be consigned to occasional weekends and evenings due to other demands upon my time e.g. music. I like to emulate Nero and fiddle, albeit on a guitar and not whilst anything is burning. However, I also build the occasional aircraft (well three so far); 1:72 scale Eurofighter, 1:87 scale C47 (DC3) and Junkers Ju52. ....and the odd boat.

Model Making Interests

Desert Island Discs

(Well, albums mostly)


The complete works of Arthur Upfield.


None, I'd rather have a good novel and my own imagination.


An acoustic guitar with an endless supply of strings.


A clockwork radio.

Origin or real life as it exists / who does what:
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