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Chris' Pen Portrait...

Model Making Experience

I started modelling as a young boy with the usual Airfix kits (Aircraft and Tanks) and sniffing the glue and paints. Well that’s what I blame for my advancing senility. As time went on I got into painting HO/OO model Airfix war figures and creating my own war games dioramas.

My father was into model railways in a big way and we had a “Trix Twin” bakelite tracked layout in my bedroom. As I grew and wanted more room we ventured into N Gauge. We built a layout in the two alcoves in the room, joined over the fire place by a through terminus station. This ran any trains we fancied, so an across the world joint railway system existed.

Purists and Rivet Counters please note:- I play trains and enjoy running the trains “I” like. My fathers’ enthusiasm and modelling interests rubbed off on me (pity his superb skills did not) and I joined in what ever he launched into along the way. Hand built Gauge One track work, buildings and rolling stock, to the dolls house he completed for my sister.

In the last few months I have been branching into the world of weathering my rolling stock and buildings. Never one to want to maybe ruin a perfectly good loco or wagon, I had to this point been reluctant to start. So far I am happy with what I have achieved.

Model Making Interests

Desert Island Discs




Solar powered (See I can be green if I want to) rechargeable CD / DVD player / Radio / Games Console


My Yamaha XJR motorbike and a special 30+ mile route around the island built to my specification. (Unlimited petrol and servicing equipment).

Origin or real life as it exists / who does what:
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