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SP and SSW

As a break from modelling the DR I have been known to do some US prototypes. In the main this is for the Southern Pacific (SP, Espee), but I've got a couple of St. Louis South Western (SSW, Cotton Belt) locos on the go too.

The observant visitor will also have noticed Dave's S160 on this page; which isn't either SP or SSW. But it is an American loco, in American condition; so it fits better in this part of the site than elsewhere - even if most of the type did work in Europe...

Thanks Dave, modelling the SP and SSW was one of your better ideas!

P4 Pacific,


Detailed WSM SP P4 #2401
The first SP loco I did was this P4. A detailed WSM brass model.

Phase II GP9,


Detailed Proto 2000 GP9
This GP9 is based on the Proto2000 model. Detailed and carefully patch painted to represent the specific loco.



Model Loco S160 in US Army condition
This is the Model Loco kit, detailed to represent a specific loco that (unusually) wasn't exported and instead spent its working life in the US.

Origin or real life as it exists / who does what:
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